Led Bulbs

Led Bulbs
What are LED Bulbs?
The LED, or light-emitting diode, is essentially a miniature light source incased in a plastic lens. 
LED’s produce light when electrons inside the diode, excited by the flow of current, release energy in the form of light photons. 
LED lighting is ultra-compact and dramatically more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs – up to 85% more efficient – and over 10% more efficient than compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL’s).
Just imagine, you could install an LED bulb in your newborn’s room today, and probably not have to replace that bulb until your child is off to college.
And, because LED bulbs are based on solid-state lighting technology that emits light from a chip, they produce minimal heat and there is no filament to burn out, as with incandescent bulbs.
Nor do they contain mercury and other toxic material.