What Are The Differences Between Dimmable And Non-Dimmable LED Lights? - 05th June 2014

Dimmable and non dimmable LED’s are the products f technological advancement. These lighting bulbs  use less energy than the traditional lamps and bulbs. The interesting facts about these LED lights are that you can use them anywhere starting from the industrial areas, homes and office premises. The LED lights are considered to be ideal because of their low electricity consumption feature. These bulbs are well known for their energy efficient quality, light weight and durability. H

Plug In Thermostat-What Is It? - 28th May 2014

A plug in thermostat is an electrical device. It can do the job of both- an electrical outlet adapter as well as a temperature sensor. It basically reads the temperature for activating a power switch to turn on and off the portable heaters in the changing environmental conditions. It is mainly a small device that has a three-prong power adapter for use with the standard electrical outlets. It enables safe and efficient operation of different heaters like oil filled, radiant or fan and co

Why To Buy LED Lights And Bulbs? - 23rd May 2014

A wide variety of LED lights are available in the market. These lights are designed in such a way that they can be used in various purposes. These Light Emitting Diodes comes in different shapes and sizes and its power units range between 1W-3W. You can choose between LED’s that are provided with resistor and wire, LED remote controller, Sign Boards, LED strips, etc. These lights are far better compared to the conventional bulbs and lights. For various reasons people all around the

How Does Changing Light Bulbs Help Save Your Environment? - 07th May 2014

With environmental matters, which affect water and air quality, global climate and even wildlife, it is hard to believe that the individual preferences like changing the lighting bulbs has the capacity make a big difference. In fact, changing the lights from the incandescent to the ‘energy star’ rated bulbs can lessen the impact on the environment to a great extent. Saves energy Bulbs, which include LED and CFL, may have a great impact on the utility bills on making the