How To Control Energy Costs In Your Office? - 01st May 2014

Offices and commercial buildings are responsible for a significant portion of Australia’s overall energy usage. Reducing power consumption at the workplace is thus a must. Whether you are changing your own behavior or giving suggestions to the management to ensure maximum energy savings, consider the following solutions to make your office a green place. Turn off unnecessary lights and use natural lighting wherever possible Turn off the lights in the rooms like conference room

5 Things You Can Do To Conserve Energy At Your Home - 24th April 2014

Whenever you save energy, remember one thing-you are not only saving money, you are even reducing the demand for fossil fuels like oil, natural gas and coal. And less burning of the fossil fuels obviously means lower emanation of CO2, the key contributor to global warming.  Here we have discussed about a few things, which you need to follow to conserve energy in your home. Turning down your refrigerator Refrigerators consume a lot of energy accounting for about twenty percent o

3 Most Important Things To Consider When Buying LED Lights And Bulbs - 04th April 2014

As your incandescent bulbs burn out, it is a good time to consider switching to the LED light bulbs. By now, you must have probably known that the LEDs have an impressive lifespan and are quite cost effective. You perhaps know that they are a costly investment, which can run 5 times more expensive than the incandescent. Irrespective of the cost, now is the right time to switch to the LED bulbs. These light bulbs have made important advances since the last few years. More than ever, there

How To Save Energy In Your Home? - 20th March 2014

Want to save energy in your home? Just a few small changes to the way you sue energy can make a huge difference in your energy bill. Here are some tips for you to save. Follow them.   Install LED lights and bulbs in your home. They last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs and 10 times longer than CFLs. These lights use only 2-17 watts electricity, which is 1/30th or 1/3rd CFL or incandescent.      DVD players, TVs, stereos, game consoles and computer