How To Control Energy Costs In Your Office? - 01st May 2014

How to Control Energy Costs In Your Office?

Offices and commercial buildings are responsible for a significant portion of Australia’s overall energy usage. Reducing power consumption at the workplace is thus a must. Whether you are changing your own behavior or giving suggestions to the management to ensure maximum energy savings, consider the following solutions to make your office a green place.

Turn off unnecessary lights and use natural lighting wherever possible

Turn off the lights in the rooms like conference rooms, restrooms, break rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and other office rooms when they are not needed. Lighting accounts for 5-10% of total energy and when multiplied by the number of consumers, the waste is huge. Make the best use of natural daylight.

Power down office equipments at the end of the office hour and when not in use for a long period

  • Turn off the computers, printers, monitors and photocopies when you leave your office
  • Even if it is just for a few minutes always make sure to turn off the computer monitor when you leave your desk. Enable power management setting on the computer so that it goes to sleep mode automatically turning off the screen when not in use.
  • Printers are usually left on for an extended period of time whereas they are active only for a short time. This means printers waste a lot of energy. Turn them off when they are not in use. You can ask the management to use printers that have automatic power down features because they reduce the use of electricity by more than sixty-five percent.
  • Laptops consume less power than desktop computers. You can present suggestions to your management regarding the use of laptops in office rather than the desktop computers.

Use thermostats to maintain a comfortable room temperature

Every degree Celsius of unnecessary cooling/heating adds around ten percent to the electricity costs. So manage the cooling and heating costs by installing a plug in thermostat. It can help to maintain a comfortable condition in the workplace. It can be located separately from the air conditioner/heater that allows it to read the room temperature and control it by turning the device off and on at the powerpoint. There is even no need to keep on adjusting the air conditioner/heater thermostat depending on the time of the day or the weather-a plug in digital thermostat does all that for you.

Use window coverings wisely

During winter, blinds or drapes must be open when you are using the daylight. In summer, the blinds or drapes must be closed to prevent the direct sunlight from entering into the room. There is no need to use windows for controlling the temperature of a room.

Unplug the equipments when not in use

Any equipment, which drains energy when not in use must be unplugged. Items that drain energy as long as they are plugged in include radios, desktop printers, mobile phone chargers, coffee pots and fans.
So, follow these above-mentioned tips and save on your office electricity bills!

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