Switch Off To Big Savings - 01st July 2013

Switch Off to Big Savings

Switching off appliances is good for the environment and the power bill – but keeping track of all the switches in a modern home can be difficult.

Now, an Auckland manufacturer has developed a range of ‘IntelliSwitches’ that turn appliances on or off as necessary if the user forgets, taking the hassle out of home energy use management.


The switches, made by eSource, can be programmed to turn off after a set time.


Alternatively, the heated towel rail switch can be programmed to be on for four hours in the morning and four in the evening, saving 16 hours’ usage a day while keeping towels dry.


According to eSource, the switch pays for itself, including installation cost, within a year.


Managing director Michael Wake believes that the switches are the first of their kind anywhere.


“No electrical wholesaler in New Zealand has seen anything like it,” he says. “I have researched it internationally and can’t find any equivalent.


“There are other timers, but none is so ideal for intermittent use. You just push the button at any time to cancel it – it’s easy to use for anyone of any age.”


Between them, the five different IntelliSwitch products cover lights, heaters, ovens, and other appliances. Most of the switches have five preset on-off time options, ranging from 15 minutes to three hours.


The switches are made at eSource’s factory in St Johns, Auckland and supplied through wholesalers, as they must be installed by an electrician.


Mr Wake says there has been interest and repeat business from around the country.


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