Want To Save Money On Your Electric Bills? The Most Common Energy-Efficient Lighting Options For You - 26th January 2016

Want to Save Money on Your Electric Bills? The Most Common Energy-Efficient Lighting Options for You
If you want to save money on your electric bills, then energy saving bulbs are the best option for you. Three of the most common energy-efficient lighting types include CFLs, energy-saving incandescent and LEDs. These are available in the home improvement and hardware stores. They are more energy-saving than the traditional incandescent bulbs. 
Energy-saving incandescent light bulb 
The energy efficient incandescent light bulbs have capsule inside, which holds the gas around the filament for increasing the efficiency of the bulbs. These kind of bulbs saves twenty-five percent energy and lasts longer than the traditional incandescent bulbs. You can get them in a wide variety of colors and shapes. 
Compact Fluorescent Lamps or CFLs
CFLs can save seventy-five percent energy. They are curly versions of the long tube fluorescent lights, which you may already have in your garage or kitchen. Since they use less electricity than the traditional incandescent, CFLs may pay for themselves in less than 9 months and then help you in saving money every month. These fluorescent bulbs uses 1/4th energy and lasts 10 times longer than an incandescent bulb, which gives the same amount of light. 
CFLs are available in a wide range of colors, including the warm (yellow to white) tones, which were not available when introduced at first. Some are enclosed in a cover for diffusing the light and provide the same kind of shape to the bulbs you are replacing. For a dimmable bulb, check the packaging to ensure you buy a fluorescent bulb with that special feature.  These bulbs usually have a small amount of mercury and they must always be recycled during the end of their lifetime. There are many retailers who recycle the CFLs without charging any fees from their customers. 
LED lights and bulbs 
The LED (light emitting diode) light bulbs saves about seventy-five to eighty percent energy. They are a kind of solid-state lighting. Although they were known once for traffic and indicator lights, LEDs general illumination applications have become the most talked about thing in the world for their energy-saving feature. The LEDs only use twenty to twenty-five percent energy and lasts up to twenty-five times longer than the incandescent light bulbs. Though LED lights and bulbs are expensive, they can still save money because they last longer and are very energy efficient. However, the prices of the bulbs are expected to come down in near future. 
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