What Are LED Lights And Bulbs? - 17th May 2016

What are LED Lights and Bulbs?

LED is the abbreviation of light emitting diode. Basically a diode is the electrical component having two terminals  conducting electricity only in one direction. With the electrical current, diode emits a very bright light around the small bulb. Diodes have typically been used in several technologies like televisions,computers and radios as the electrical component for conduction.

Connecting the diode to the electrical current excites electrons within diode, making them release the photons that we see as light. Color of light, which we see is the direct outcome of the energy gap in the semiconductor of diode. However, LEDs generate a spectrum of bright colors while using very little electricity.  

In search for energy saving lighting bulbs, LEDs have proved to be the most effective bulbs available today. They use at least seventy-five percent less energy than the traditional incandescent lighting bulbs and lasts twenty-five times more.  The LEDs are even better than the compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) bulbs when it comes to energy saving because they’ve twice the lifespan of the CFLs. They are more efficient than the CFLs and incandescent as they emit light in a targeted way rather than scattering it in all the directions. The best part about these lighting bulbs is that they don’t need or emit great amounts of heat. The CFLs and incandescent, on the other hand, release most of their energy as heat-in fact, 80% and 90%, respectively.

The major problem that consumers face while buying the LEDs is their upfront cost. They cost 2-6 times more the price of the CFLs and this deters many people from replacing their residential bulbs with LEDs. But LED production is increasing nowadays, which definitely means greater affordability for the consumers in future.

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