What Are The Differences Between Dimmable And Non-Dimmable LED Lights? - 05th June 2014

What are the Differences Between Dimmable and Non-Dimmable LED Lights?

Dimmable and non dimmable LED’s are the products f technological advancement. These lighting bulbs  use less energy than the traditional lamps and bulbs. The interesting facts about these LED lights are that you can use them anywhere starting from the industrial areas, homes and office premises. The LED lights are considered to be ideal because of their low electricity consumption feature. These bulbs are well known for their energy efficient quality, light weight and durability. However, among the dimmable and non dimmable LED bulbs, you have to choose the right one for your need. The selection will depend upon the type of the lighting circuit.

The differences between the dimmable and non dimmable LED lights are given below:

*  You can save a lot of electrical energy by using dimmable LED lamps. They are known to improve the visual appearance of a place to a great extent. But while placing the lamps on the circuit you have to be careful enough. You can place a dimmable LED bulb in a non dimmable lighting circuit but you cannot do the opposite thing. In case if you do the opposite thing then the circuit or the bulb will get damaged. To avoid such nuisance the bulbs are marked clearly at the time of packaging.


*  Most of the dimmed LED lights that are installed today are ready to be used with the electrical circuits having high power. On the other hand, the non dimmable LED lamps are more complex and usually have low power. The solid state Light Emitting Diodes takes high-voltage AC current and alters into low voltage DC current in order to drive the bulbs.


*  The dimmable LED bulbs are costlier than the non dimmable ones. The main reason behind its greater cost is the presence of more circuitry.

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