Ecobulb 13W CFL Traditional Bayonet

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An Ecobulb is an energy saving light bulb (Compact Fluorescent Lamp or CFL), that uses 80% less electricity than an ordinary bulb for the same light output.

Energy saving bulbs are smaller fluorescent lamps that can directly replace standard incandescent bulbs. Their colour and brightness are comparable to incandescent bulbs.

Energy saving bulbs consist of two parts - a gas-filled tube and a ballast. The gas in the tube glows with ultraviolet light when electricity from the ballast flows through it. This in turn excites a white phosphor coating on the inside of the tube, which emits visible light throughout the surface of the tube.

Incandescent lamps work differently as most of the electricity they use heats a tungsten filament until it glows white hot. As a result, incandescent lamps generate far more heat than a fluorescent light.

- Each ordinary bulb replaced with an Ecobulb will save approximately $130 in power over the life of the Ecobulb

- Replacing five ordinary bulbs with Ecobulbs will therefore save approximately $650 on your power bill

- Ecobulbs last 10 times longer than ordinary bulbs, so you do not have to change them very often

- The power savings from Ecobulbs reduces the risk of power cuts in winter

- Every Ecobulb installed prevents 9 ordinary bulbs going into landfills

- Light Colour Warm White

Replaces 60W incandescent bulbs

All bulbs are manually tested before dispatch.