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Room Temperature Thermostat

Plug-in Temperature Controller / Plug-in Digital Thermostat

How it Works

It is now a well known fact (e. g. seewww.savepower.nsw.gov.au) that every degree C of unnecessary heating/cooling adds around 10% to the relevant electricity costs ("10% per degree" rule) and it is becoming widely understood that the key to managing Heating and Cooling costs lies in a precise digital room temperature control that can be achieved with a particular heating or cooling appliance.

Unfortunately, the majority of electric heaters and a large portion of window air-conditioners currently used in Australia and New Zealand are lacking the ability to correctly sense and digitally control the actual room temperature.

Unlike the heater/air-conditioner thermostat, the Room Temperature Thermostat is located separately from the heater/air-conditioner, which enables it to read the actual room temperature and precisely control it by turning the appliance ON and OFF at the powerpoint. Furthermore, by providing digital room temperature control Heatermate delivers the required accuracy of the temperature setting to enable user to save energy based on the above "10% per degree" rule.

With Heatermate you will no longer need to keep adjusting your heater/air-conditioner thermostat depending on the weather or time of the day (or night) trying to save energy Heatermate will do it for you.

The heater/air-conditioner thermostat can now be permanently set to maximum for quick initial warm up/cool down, but, once your set room temperature is reached, Heatermate will take over the control and will maintain that temperature for you.

Energy Savings (Heating)

A typical 1.5kW electric heater constantly operating for 9 hours a day (e.g. from 10pm to 7am) results in daily energy consumption of 1.5x9=13.5kWh.

Assuming that this heater is operated with 6/10 thermostat setting (this is a conservative assumption since quite often the thermostat is set to 10/10), the heater will be ON proportionally less and the daily consumption will be 13.5x0.6=8.1kWh.

When Heatermate controls this electric heater to maintain a 12-14 sqm room at 20°C for a relatively mild Australian winter climate (night temperatures 5-10°C), the daily consumption is reduced to around 3kWh, providing daily savings of 5.1kWh. 3kWh daily energy consumption with Heatermate is an average figure over the heating season: on some not so cold nights the consumption will be less and on some colder nights it will be more Heatermate will adjust the consumption accordingly to maintain the 20°C set point regardless of the weather.

Daily energy savings of 5.1kWh with Heatermate taken over 120 day heating season (mid May to mid September) will translate into a total energy savings of 5.1x120=612kWh. At the energy cost of 20c/kWh this amounts to savings of A$122.4 over heating season per room.

Since the generation of 1 kWh of electricity requires the emission of around 1 kilogram of carbon dioxide, the above 612kWh of energy savings delivered by Heatermate will result in approx. 0.6 ton reduction of green house emissions.
Ideal solution for
maintaining safe and comfortable temperature in kids or baby room
precise climate control for person with allergies
temperature control for wine celler
controlling heat extraction fan for roof cavity or storage
controlling cooling fan for computer server rack cabinet
keeping the right temperature in pet enclosure
frost protection for garage or storage
controlling cupboard heater
controlling bathroom rail heater
temperature control for growroom
Technical Specifications:

1. Operating voltage: 250V AC/ 50Hz;

2. Load (Max): 10A 2500W (resistive)

3. Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C.

4. Store Temperature: -10°C ~ 50°C.

5. Temperature Control range: 5°C ~ 30°C; Precision: ±1°C; Measuring period: 10 S.

6. Function: Heating or Cooling.

7. Temperature Control:

Control T = Set T (Heating)

Control T = Set T+1°C (Cooling)

T deviation from Control T to activate controlled unit: -1°C (Heating)

+1°C (Cooling)

Key Features:

Simultaneously displays current room temperature and set temperature.

Digital thermometer function in stand-by.

Back-up battery allows setting out of mains socket and stores set point.

Easy room temperature setting by pressing UP and DOWN buttons.

Can be used to control heater in winter and air-conditioner or heat extraction fan

in summer

Colour LED status indicator:

Red - Controlled Unit is OFF

Green - Controlled Unit is ON

Key features of the new Heatermate with Timer model HY02TP 1. As easy to operate as the previous Heatermate model in the Manual mode (comes as default) – “set and forget”. 2. Built-in simple Timer with ON/OFF times for each day – to be operated in Manual mode. 3. Built-in 7 days Timer with different SET temperatures for different times during the day and days of the week – to be operated in Automatic mode. 4. Larger display showing time, status, SET temperature, room temperature and other information. 5. Child lock. Activated automatically after 10 minutes. Press and hold Down button for 3 seconds then release to deactivate. 6. Full 2400W power rating – suitable for any electric heater (the previous Heatermate model was up to 2300W). 7. Adjustable temperature sensor – customer is able to adjust Heatermate sensor reading to make it consistent with their other room thermometer or baby monitor. 8. Adjustable thermostat differential – customer can adjust by how much the room temperature should drop before the heater is switched back ON. This also will regulate how often the heater will come ON and OFF. 9. Comes with 2 years manufacturer’s warranty (the previous model had 1 year manufacturer’s warranty)