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$12 million dollars. That’s a lot of money, and that’s how much we have calculated that New Zealanders have saved by fitting an IntelliSwitch timer to their towel rail since we released them in 2008. 2015 marks 7 years since we started promoting this product and every month we collectively save our customers another $250,000. So come on join the IntelliSwitch movement and take the money from your power retailer and put it in your pocket.
Designed for internally wired heated towel rails Our biggest seller just got better. 
Now with 3 fixed cycles designed to fit any household to control Heated Towel rails.
The new model offers 5 modes of operation. 
A one shot 3 hour timer every time the button is pressed. 
5 hours once a day cycle. 
4 hours twice a day cycle. 
6 hours twice a day cycle.
Stay on mode. 
Also new is boost mode, if the button is pressed on any cycles the towel rail runs for an extra 4 hours and then returns to the normal cycle.


Click here to read about EECA’s study on the use of towel rails


Click here for a broshure and Fitting Instructions

Here's how they are being used
Bedroom light switch for kids who forget to turn lights off and/or timed reading at night
.e.g. 15 min setting -glow in dark LEDs also help kids see switch.
Heater socket so the heater is never on for more than 3 hours at a time.
Use the double switch to have a bathroom fan stay on 15 mins longer than the light 
to clear moisture and odours sufficiently without being there yoursel.
For electric blanket sockets so don't fall asleep with them on e.g. 1 hr setting.
Hall light switch so it's never on for more that 15 minutes.
Heated towel rail cycle, on for 4 hours and off for 8 hours.
Outdoor light switch for visitors that doesn't stay on all night
Conrolling time spent on computer - Connect an IntelliSwitch® to the router to control how long kids are on internet.
One hour battery charger power socket so your drill batteries never over charge, also good for mobile phones.
Controlled TV or video game play time for children/fathers!
Hang your wet towel on the heated towel rail and press the button to run it for 3 hours and it then turn off.
Press it again before your next shower and your towel is warmed by the time you get out.
For safety reasons, where people may forget to turn appliances off e.g. Ironing power socket - set to 30 mins
and many many more............